My favorite part of the stand-up comedy world is the Comedian Development Program.   This is where I get to do what I can to improve the working situation for stand-up comics trying to make it in the comedy world. We’re doing what we can to help stand-up comedians establish themselves.

With the CDP, you get assistance in developing  a fanbase that you can communicate with,  a discounted website where you can promote yourself, significant discounts on headshots, and assistance in developing your media kit, which will help you get booked, and exposure on stage with several booked sets at the World Famous Comedy Store.

The CDP performances take place on Crazee Cindy’s comedy shows at The World famous Comedy Store. The World famous Comedy Store is the daddy of them all. From Dave Letterman and Jay Leno to Dave Chapelle and Sarah Silverman only the best of the best get the exalted title of “Comedy Store Regular”.

Experience comedy in its purest form, 7 days a week. The Comedy Store is a 3 room “home away from home” for some of the hottest new comedians in the country and the starting point for most of the well known comedians of our time.On any given night you can see fresh faces, and legends,16 comics all in one night. No other club offers that, because no other club can.

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