Marty Foster, Gary Sugarman and Billy Collins.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 8.47.20 PM

Gary Sugarman (funny as hell) and Billy Collins.

My tagline, “C’mon, Let’s Be Honest”.

My friend Trina with her new Jeep.

My last set of bullshit material, god-willing. Somehow, they still laughed.

My comic buddy Greg Buckman going over his notes at Flappers. Wow!

My podcast artwork. Thanks Ben Crotin for this.

These are Buckman’s notes. Scary.

Crazee Cindy (Cindy Liebman), Andy Dick, and Billy Collins. These people have treated me like gold. Love these two trainwrecks.

Headshot 1, more of a half-body shot.

Headshot 2. I’ve gotten a lot of grief from my friends over this one.

A very nice headshot.

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